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Earn Money By Hosting A GOLD Party!!!

You Make Money! Hostesses make money! You earn 10% of the total gold bought!
Your Guests Make Money! Everyone has fun and leaves the party richer than when they came!
Unlike other home parties where guests sit through long demonstrations of the latest products and feel obligated to make a purchase, Gold Parties are the only parties where guests actually make money instead of spending it! Gold Parties are highly enjoyable and is an extremely profitable evening for you and your friends!
The Perfect Fundraising Event!
Looking to raise money for your favorite charity? Let us help! We have raised tens of thousands of dollars for local and national charities through our gold jewelry buying party program!
* Elementary, Middle & High Schools
* Churches & Synagogues
* Sports Teams, Associations, Clubs
* Youth Groups
* Corporations, and More!
A gold party is the perfect solution for charities who need money but don't have the time to
plan an elaborate fundraising event.
Simply choose a time and location and invite members of the charity to the event. A gold party fundraiser is a highly enjoyable, fun, and completely satisfactory experience, and at the event - we will give your charity a check for 15% of everything purchased!
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